Bird Scooter Crashes: Who Is Liable for Your Injuries?

Bird electric scooters have become a popular means of transportation in many cities, especially when you need to take a short trip and want to get there faster than you would on foot. However, despite their convenience, there have been quite a few accidents resulting in injuries for those who use these scooters. If you were hurt while riding a Bird electric scooter and want the company to compensate you, there are a few factors that may affect your personal injury lawsuit.

The Liability Waiver 

Bird provides you with a variety of information regarding the use of their scooters, including a built-in safety manual you can peruse before you ride, and a liability waiver you must agree to and sign as well. This document requires the following conditions:

  • That you understand the risks of riding an electric scooter 
  • You are responsible for operating the scooter safely 
  • You take responsibility for any injuries that may occur during the ride 

This waiver puts much of the responsibility on you when it comes to riding a Bird scooter; however, there are a few factors that could make the company responsible if you get injured.

Product Defect 

If you were riding a Bird e-scooter and the device failed to operate as it should, the company may be liable for your injuries. For example, if you were traveling between 10 and 15 MPH, the latter being the top operating speed for these scooters, and if the brakes or motor failed and caused you to fall, this would be a product defect and not your doing. While the defect might be difficult to prove unless it is visually apparent, it may still be in your best interest to pursue a lawsuit. If you believe the cause of the accident was a product defect, you may want to note the scooter’s condition and take photos once the police arrive, where you can add them to any report you fill out.

Rider Liability 

Bird may deny your request for compensation if the company believes you had any role to play in the accident, such as if you were not wearing a helmet or failed to read the safety instructions provided in the Bird app. Rider distraction may also play a part, so you might want to contact an attorney for assistance with your case.

When you get hurt on a Bird electric scooter, you may not know where to turn for help. Reach out a personal injury lawyer, like from Darrell Castle & Associates, today to schedule an initial consultation.