Construction Site Injury

Construction Site Accidents

If you are working in construction or not, it is quite evident that construction sites can be very unsafe, with or without the proper safety gear. Unfortunately, construction site injuries are very common, as construction sites can sometimes consume a city, more specifically larger cities. Larger cities are usually always under construction because they are oversaturated with people who need places to drive and live, and must be able to fit in the city. This means, there are more roads being fixed or built, more home and apartment building being built as well.

City renovations seem nice once the work is done, but while a city is being worked on, not only are injuries more likely, there are also more people that are frustrated and are likely to overlook some construction sites which lead to injuries to themselves or others. Common folk are not given the same protection and training when accessing a construction site, so they are more susceptible to injury. Equipment or debris from a construction site can cause injury or death. In the event that you or someone you know has suffered an injury or been killed due to some sort of construction site negligence, you may have a legitimate personal injury claim.

At construction sites, safety regulations are strictly enforced because it is understood that these sites are very dangerous and severe injury can be caused if these regulations are disregarded. If these regulations are disregarded and cause injury to a pedestrian, those responsible must be held responsible for the damages caused. The lack of duty of care is very important to discover in these cases, because it will help determine who is actually liable. No matter who caused the damage or injury, the construction company will likely be held responsible, much like if an employee was hurt on the job for the same reasons, negligence on their part. In the event that an independent contractor has caused injuries to an individual, it will become their responsibility instead.

Injuries sustained at a construction site, or due to negligence at a construction site can be extremely intense so it is important that you have a personal injury attorney. The right attorney will be able to review the details of your case and ensure that those responsible are held accountable while you work on recovering from your loss or injuries. Contact personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA as soon as possible to discuss your case and possible outcomes.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and construction site injuries.