Court Reporters: The Forgotten Component to the Legal World

Court Reporting Agency

Court reporting agency are perhaps one of the most underrated professionals within the courtroom. In fact, court reporters shoulder a huge responsibility in the legal realm. In recent years, courtrooms across the country have attempted to cut costs by utilizing alternatives to court reporters. However, this has not proven to be as consistent or reliable as having a trained stenographer on the job. There are a number of reasons for attorneys and courtrooms to choose court reporters for their transcription needs.

Finding the Right Court Reporter

Obtaining a transcript that is accurate is an important component to any legal case. As a result, it’s important to take the time to find a court reporter who is an experienced stenographer.

  • Hire a court reporter with a good reputation. Make sure you take the time to check references to ensure that you are choosing someone who is professional and has experience.
  • Hire a court reporter that will show up on time. When a court reporter is late it can be costly, as the start of a deposition will likely be delayed. This could result in paying for an attorney’s services for longer than expected.
  • Look for a court reporter that is discreet and can handle situations that are confidential.
  • Someone who will speak up if something needs to be repeated back to them.
  • A professional who will provide a transcript to you in a timely manner
  • The drive to work hard
  • Someone who is constantly enhancing their work by accessing trainings
  • Is equipped with strong grammar skills

Bad court reporters can ultimately cost you time and money. A lot can be hinging on an accurate account of a deposition, ensuring that there is a transcript you can reference for trial prep can be vital to case outcomes.

The Demand for Court Reporters

There is a need for more court reporters nationwide. Without court reporters, depositions and trials can be delayed. The court reporter plays a critical role within the courtroom. They not only provide an unbiased transcript of proceedings; they are one of the only people in the courtroom without a vested interest in the outcome of a case.  Court reporters are needed not only in the courtroom; they are also an important element to providing closed captioning for television in real time.

In recent years, many courtrooms have attempted to replace court reporters with expensive technology that utilizes voice recognition to create transcripts. Unfortunately, these are far from accurate, as they do not always pick up everything being said. When words vital to a transcript are missed, it can have a significant impact, resulting in transcripts that are riddled with inaccuracies. The reality is, despite technological advancements, there is no substitute for a trained court reporter.

Having a court reporter producing transcripts for your case can prove to be beneficial. You can feel confident in knowing that your attorney is able to reference accurate legal documents they require to appropriately prepare your case. Contact a court reporter for their services today.