Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

In what circumstances would you need to consult with an immigration attorney? United States immigration law is handled on a federal level, meaning that you can obtain help from a lawyer from any state, even if you are requesting assistance from outside the United States.

Immigration law can be difficult to maneuver through on your own. Knowing that your issue is being handled by an attorney experienced with all the necessary immigration forms and applications can be reassuring during what can be a very stressful time. There are several situations where you would benefit from the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney:

  • If you have been deported but want to come back to the U.S., an immigration attorney can assist you in the application to return.
  • An immigration attorney can answer questions about your green card eligibility
  • To help when you are having difficulty to get a USCIS green card, visa, citizenship or other benefits
  • You have an emergency matter concerning immigration
  • Your immigration for application has been denied or refused
  • You are looking for a waiver which may offer you advantages not usually given to someone else in the same position as you
  • You were informed that proceedings concerning your removal or deportation against you have started
  • You started the application process and discovered you have too many questions or don’t have enough time to do this by yourself
  • You have committed a crime or have been convicted of a crime and are seeking help in entering the United States or to keep from being deported from the country
  • You want to work in the United States but the employer is not helping you with your immigration proceedings

An immigration lawyer, like our friends at The Law Group of Iowa, can give you the opportunity to explain your situation and ask questions of the lawyer. Be prepared with any documents related to your immigration such as any visas, passport, criminal records, marriage license, and any documentation you have from USCIS.