Exploitation of Elders

An estate litigation attorney can assist clients with many legal issues concerning estate and personal finances. One of the most troubling types of estate litigation involves the financial exploitation of a senior citizen.

We have built a solid reputation of fighting against financial abuse targeted at our elderly clients in not only stopping the abuse, but also in recovering the assets that were stolen. In the event you or a loved one finds yourself the victim to elder abuse, do not hesitate to contact an attorney, like a elder law lawyer Roseville CA relies on, to help you with your case.

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

An estate litigation attorney understands that caring for an elderly loved one often involves multiple individuals involved in their care. This can include their adult children and other relatives, family friends, and healthcare professionals. Far too often, a member of an elderly person’s circle of care will target the senior for financial abuse or fraud. Because many seniors experience lapses of understanding or judgment because of their age, people who are put in trusted positions but have nefarious intentions are often successful at this type of abuse.

Because of their fragility and dependence on the people who are their caregivers, seniors develop an almost blind trust for those caregivers. What should be a positive relationship for the elderly victim, quickly turns into a detrimental one as the caregiver commits acts of financial abuse.

The national statistics regarding financial abuse of the elderly are shocking:

  •        One in 20 seniors are have been victimized by some form of financial abuse.
  •        Only one in 44 cases of financial abuse are actually reported.
  •        An abused senior is four times more likely to be placed in a nursing home.
  •        Ninety percent of abusers are family members or some other trusted person.
  •        One in 10 elderly financial abuse victims will be forced to apply for Medicaid because of the depletion of their finances.

There are signs to watch for which could indicate your elderly loved one is being victimized by a caregiver, friend, or even another family member, including:

  •        The decision of the senior to suddenly change their will, trusts, or other estate plan documents.
  •        A power of attorney designation being misused.
  •        Limitation or prohibition of visits by either a caregiver or staff if the victim is in a nursing home.
  •        Frequently missing personal items, including jewelry and/or cash.
  •        Behavioral changes in the victim, such as nervousness, fear, and depression.
  •        Changes in life insurance policy beneficiaries.
  •        Odd spending patterns in the victim’s bank accounts.
  •        Transfer of assets.
  •        Authorized users added to credit cards.

Although in many cases of financial abuse the victim is coerced or threatened to go along changing financial documents or transfer, there are just as many cases where the abuser forges the victim’s signature to checks, deeds, and other documents.

Let an Estate Litigation Attorney Help Your Family

If your elderly loved one has been a victim of financial exploitation, an estate litigation attorney understands how devastating this can be. No matter who the perpetrator of the financial abuse was, the legal team has extensive experience in dealing with these cases. We will make sure the proper authorities are notified and then take all the legal steps necessary to recover any and all assets stolen from your loved one.

Thank you to the Yee Law Group for providing their legal insight on elder exploitation.