FAQ About Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance Denial Lawyer

When you have been in an accident, you may be left to contend with insurance companies for the damages you are facing. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to experience challenges when attempting to obtain compensation for the injuries or losses you have experienced. Any insurance denial lawyer can tell you that it is common practice for insurance companies who attempt to mitigate your claim in attempts to retain as much of the compensation you may be entitled to. Because of this, you will certainly need legal guidance to secure your damages. If you have been the victim of bad faith on the part of an insurance company, an experienced attorney can help. Here are some frequently asked questions prospective clients often have regarding bad faith litigation:

What is bad faith insurance?

When you file a claim against an insurance company for the damages you have experienced, you expect them to provide you with the compensation you are entitled to. As an insurance denial lawyer can explain, bad faith insurance practices occur when insurance companies refuse to pay for a legitimate claim that is made. This can occur when they:

  • Refuse to pay a valid claim
  • Misrepresent the insurance policy
  • Use deceptive practices
  • Pay you less than your claim is worth

What should I do if I believe the insurance company is engaged in bad faith practices?

If the insurance company you filed a claim with has engaged in bad faith practices, your first step should be to call a lawyer with experience in managing bad faith cases. Having a lawyer review your case is critical to move forward. Once they have confirmed that the insurance company acted in bad faith, they can work closely with you to gather evidence and strategize your case. 

Do bad faith litigation cases go to court?

In some cases, yes. If your claim has been denied as the result of bad faith practices on the part of an insurance company, you may choose to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. When this occurs, you will require the legal services, primarily help preparing your case for litigation. If the insurance company in question has acted in bad faith, you have a right to file a lawsuit against them. 

What can I expect from an Insurance Denial Lawyer?

It’s important to be aware that insurance companies are looking out for their own best interests. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do so by taking measures that allow them to avoid paying accident victims the compensation they are entitled to. Because of this, you will need skilled and experienced legal services:

  • Experienced bad faith litigation lawyers
  • Extensive resources to assist you in your case
  • A professional working to protect your rights
  • Professionals to take the lead in managing the complicated inner workings of your case

The last thing any person wants to deal with is bad faith on the part of an insurance company. When an insurance company greatly reduces your settlement, or denies your claim altogether, you need the legal experience that can help you navigate your claim. Contact an insurance denial attorney today to get started.