Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim For Your Injuries

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim For Your Injuries

A workplace injury can leave you feeling devastated. When you spend most of your day at work, it can be frustrating to suddenly not be able to go to work because of an injury. You may be concerned that while you are recovering your job will be in jeopardy. In fact, you may be concerned that you will not have a job to come back to at all or that you will physically be unable to work. While each state will have slightly different rules regarding workers’ compensation claims and what steps you should take when filing, there are a few things you can expect and prepare for. 

  • There is a time limit. Although the time limit will differ in every state, you can expect there to be a time limit when it comes to notifying your supervisor about a workplace injury. Telling your supervisor is one of the first steps to take with this kind of injury and you may have only a few days, a month, or longer to notify them of the injury. 
  • Expect to fill out forms. Once you have notified your supervisor, you should expect them to give you workers’ compensation forms to fill out. You should try to recall as many details of the accident as you can, including things like where it happened, what kinds of injuries you sustained, and whether you sought medical treatment. 
  • You will wait on insurance. Once you have completed the process for filing your workers’ compensation claim, you will be waiting on insurance. A lawyer, like a workers’ compensation attorney from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. knows that this can be an emotionally exhausting wait. If the insurance company comes back with approval, consider your claim closed. However, if they deny your claim, this does not have to mean you will get no benefits. You may want to seek help from a local attorney to see if they can assist you in appealing this claim. 

Do I need to get medical attention after a workplace accident? 

Immediately following the accident you may be hesitant to go to the doctor’s office. Especially if you will pay out of pocket for the visit, you may think it is not worth it. However, injuries can continue to manifest over the course of hours or days, and seeking medical help can ensure you get the necessary treatment and have the information you need for your claim. You may want to reach out to a local attorney at this point and see how their legal guidance can help. 

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