Four Common Ways Summer Injuries Occur

Over the summer, the longer days and pleasant weather beckon many of us outdoors to engage in our favorite activities. Biking, hiking, and spending time at parks and recreational facilities are all fun, healthy hobbies, but you do need to be on guard against accidents and personal injuries that can occur. The following are four common ways in which serious injuries often happen over the summer months:

1. Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a great way to keep physically fit, an environmentally friendly form of transportation, and allows you the opportunity to slow down and better experience your neighborhood and the local community. When you are out having a stroll, whether on nearby streets or when headed to farmers markets or other outdoor venues, pay attention to your surroundings.

You are more at risk depending on where you live. For example, urban areas are known for having a high rate of pedestrian accidents, which prove fatal for thousands of people each year. Pay particular attention in parking lots and when crossing intersections, which is where most accidents occur.

2. Bicyclist Accidents

Bicycling is also a fun form of recreation, and many people throughout geo area rely on two wheels to get to and from work or school. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are another common problem in our area. Take the steps to protect yourself by paying attention on the roads, riding with the flow of traffic, staying in bike lanes when possible, and wearing a helmet at all times.

3. Water-Related Accidents

Depending on where you live, you likely have different types of waterways, such as the ocean, lakes, and river, that provide numerous ways to cool off on warm summer days. When swimming or surfing, make sure to bring a buddy with you and go to places where you are familiar with the currents. At pools, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty. If you enjoy being on the water rather than in it, take a boating refresher class through your state’s boating and waterways division. Be wary of using alcohol as well. Even if you are not the boat captain, being under the influence makes you more likely to lose your footing or to engage in behavior that makes accidents more likely to occur.

4. Slips and Falls

Whether you are wandering through local markets, neighborhood parks, or hiking, keep an eye on your footing. Wearing the appropriate shoes, stay in marked areas, and get medical attention immediately in the event a slip or fall occurs. In stores, be aware that condensation from air conditioners can make floors slippery and take extra care particularly at entrances and exits.

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