Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles present a significant risk of injury for the operator in a collision. While you can still ride motorcycles responsibly and have fun doing so, it is necessary to understand the potential risk and the threat posed by other drivers.

If injured in a collision, you need to prepare for the potential financial hardships to come, and you must ready yourself against the ploys of devious actors. Insurance companies are not your friend after an accident, and it is crucial to acquire the help of an attorney to ensure that your needs and arguments are heard.

Insurance Company Conversations

Most people view their insurers as a necessary preventative measure, but you can never trust an insurance company entirely, especially when it represents an at-fault driver. Despite regulations in some states barring insurance adjusters from talking with accident victims in hospital, some push the boundary and approach anyway. You mustn’t speak freely with these individuals.

Insurance adjusters will attempt to sound empathetic, offering advice and compassion. However, they will also try to get you to allow your conversation to be recorded. Do not allow it. They only want a recording of your conversation so they can try to find fault with your story. An adjuster’s job is to limit exposure and liability for their employer.

Early Settlement Offers

Often, especially when an injury is severe and the potential payout is extreme, an insurer may offer an early settlement. The offer is likely significantly lower than you can expect during settlement negotiations or a trial. Again, the insurer cares more about its bottom line than providing restitution for your injuries.

Before accepting a settlement offer, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your claim. The lawyer can help you determine the fairness of the offer, and they may advise you further.

Settlement Negotiations

The phrase settlement negotiation sounds civil and fair, but if you attempt to go it alone, you will quickly realize that the talks can feel combative. An insurance company will not easily hand over money, and it will use a team of lawyers to intimidate and bury your argument.

Hiring a lawyer will help ensure your side is heard fairly. The attorney will present your claim with legal authority. You will have an advocate who can ensure the negotiations stay somewhat civil.


You may also want to hire an attorney to argue your claim because the case may end up in court. A lawyer will help balance the sides.

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