How Fathers Can Fight for Custody of Their Child

Child Custody Lawyer

Even though the court system doesn’t necessarily discriminate against dads, it can still be difficult for fathers to win custody of their child. Whether you are a father who is hoping for full or joint custody, it is important to seek legal guidance during this time. Fathers who want extra help fighting for custody, can rely on an attorney for assistance. They certainly advocate for fathers and understand just how impactful a father’s presence can be in a growing child’s life. They will do whatever they can to see that you maintain the relationship you imagine having with your daughter or son.

Request an In-Home Evaluation

A great strategy to showcasing how suitable of a parent you are, is to request an in-home evaluation which is performed by a court-appointed representative. This person will review the home environment to see that the child has his or her own room, that the space is well-kept, and there aren’t any potential dangers to the child’s safety. If the court does give you feedback to change certain elements of your home, be open to these suggestions and fulfill them quickly. Now is the time to show just how dedicated you are to your child’s wellbeing.

Maintain Organized and Current Records

Before the child custody hearing, an attorney can give you information on what types of documentation the court judge is likely to request during the hearing. The judge may ask to see evidence of your earnings, debts, schedule, work obligations, and more. If you currently play a role in your child’s life, such as bring them to school, paying for medical care, or are most involved in their extracurricular activities, be sure to share this with the judge. The judge is going to evaluate each parent’s situation to decide what custody arrangement will be most beneficial to the child.

Be Respectful to the Other Parent

Fathers who are not kind to the other parent during the child custody hearing, may be unknowingly sealing their own fate (and it isn’t one they’re going to like). In the eyes of the court, a parent that is obviously resentful and outwardly angry, may try to interfere with the child’s relationship with the other parent. It is typically frowned upon for one parent to be unwilling to collaborate with the other in regards to parenting, unless there is a history of abuse or violence. Let your attorney know if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your child. If at any point you felt threatened by the other parent during your relationship or after, this is something to share with your attorney prior to the court hearing.

Fathers who want what is best for their child, may do whatever it takes to obtain custody. By consulting with a child custody lawyer they can help devise a plan of action in hopes of maintaining the type of relationship with your child that you have always imagined.