How to Avoid a DUI Charge

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Getting charged with a DUI is a serious matter and can result in serious consequences, like loss of driving privileges, jail time and a permanent criminal record. That’s why you should do everything you can to avoid getting pulled over for drinking and driving in the first place.

Here are some tips to avoid getting arrested for a DUI.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Good Condition

If you drive home after a social event that involves alcohol, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Police officers can pull you over for various issues with your vehicle, such as shattered windows, leaks and broken tail lights. 

Obey Traffic Laws

While you should obey traffic laws no matter what, driving carefully is extra important after you’ve had a few drinks. Follow the speed limit, roll through a stop sign or try to beat the yellow light. You don’t want to give the police any reason to pull you over.

Don’t Forget to Eat

If you want to have a couple of alcoholic beverages at a social gathering, make sure to eat something. Drinking on an empty stomach can make your body absorb the alcohol faster, causing you to get intoxicated faster. If you eat some food, you can slow down your body’s alcohol intake.

Consider Sleeping Over

If you had one too many cocktails at a friend or family member’s house, don’t hesitate to ask them if you can stay the night. It’s much better to sleep at someone’s house than risk getting pulled over for a DUI.

Designate a Driver

If you plan to have several alcoholic beverages at a social gathering, try to find someone to be your designated driver. That way, you will know you will get home safely and not have to worry about getting pulled over.

Use a Ride-Sharing Service

If you have too much to drink at a social event and don’t have anyone to drive you home, use a ride-sharing service, like Uber or Lyft. Spending a little extra money on this service is well worth it because it could potentially save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Be Polite

If a police officer does pull you over for suspicion of drunk driving, be courteous and cooperate. If you are argumentative and refuse to comply with the officer’s orders, you could face additional charges.

If you have been charged with a DUI, you should speak with an experienced criminal lawyer, like a DUI lawyer in San Francisco, CA from the Morales Law Firm, as soon as possible. He or she can help you build a strong defense and protect your legal rights.