Is It Possible to Get My Reckless Driving Charge Reduced?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being handed a ticket or placed in handcuffs for reckless driving can be enough to cause someone to surge into a state of panic. Most people imagine the potential repercussions and become afraid of what they may endure, such as losing their license, paying expensive fines, being sued in civil court, going to jail, and more. With so much that could be lost, it’s important to hire an attorney who is experienced in defense cases. Here are examples of questions that a person may ask their attorney during their first case evaluation.

How can I get the charge reduced?

Depending on the reckless driving charge, your attorney may suggest trying to get your charges reduced instead of dropped entirely. Your charge may be reduced if it can be shown that you weren’t being reckless, but had violated some rule of the road. For instance, if you rear-ended a vehicle, but were obeying traffic laws prior to the accident, then your charge may be reduced to improper driving instead of reckless driving.

What does it mean to receive a reckless driving ticket?

If an officer pulls you over for reckless driving and gives you a ticket, there are two common reasons for this. The first is that you were supposedly driving 20 mph over the speed limit (where postings are present). The second, is that you were driving at a speed which exceeds 80 mph, regardless of posted speed limits. Because reckless driving tickets can carry serious consequences, you may want to consult with a lawyer who has experience in defense cases and traffic law. 

What are the penalties for a reckless driving charge?

A reckless driving charge can result in thousands of dollars in fines, upwards of 12 months in jail, license suspension, points added to record, and more. The consequences for a reckless driving ticket can also impact your personal and professional life. For example, if your job requires that you operate a vehicle but your license is suspended, you may lose your job. Additionally, if you go to rent a car, you may be denied or the fees could be higher, as you are considered higher risk. 

How can I fight a reckless driving charge?

After consulting with you about what happened, your attorney may recommend a certain defense strategy to help minimize the consequences you endure. Since every reckless driving ticket or arrest is different, there isn’t one general rule that applies to every situation. Your attorney may suggest using one of the following:

  • That you weren’t the one driving the vehicle. Your attorney may use this defense if they strongly suspect that the prosecution doesn’t have sufficient evidence to show you were, in fact, driving the car. 
  • The police didn’t have the jurisdiction because the officer who pulled you over was from another locality. 
  • The officer using equipment to scan your speed hadn’t calibrated the tool correctly, hadn’t used it properly, or was not trained to use it.

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