Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation is when a lawyer agrees to handle portions of a case, while the client takes care of the rest of it. Limited scope is an affordable way to still have legal help when attorneys are too expensive. The attorney and client should go over all that is needed for a case, then create a list of things that the attorney should do. Once it is clearly agreed upon in writing by both the attorney and the client — with the inclusion of the fee and the signing of the agreement — it is the responsibility of the client to perform their own task, and the same expectation applies to the attorney.

Generally, limited scope can be used just for a consult or for legal advice pertaining to the case whenever it is needed. A client can get an attorney to prepare documents while the client files it themselves. A lawyer can be used only for the more intricate parts of your case, like the discovery, while the client handles the simpler tasks. They can also be used for coaching purposes, like for when a client represents themselves at a hearing.

Limited scope can be used, for example, in a divorce case. The lawyer can be tasked to draft a petition for divorce and divorce decree, while the client files documents with the court and attends their final hearing alone. A lawyer may also be used to prepare a client for mediation while the client, in the end, goes to the mediation by themselves. Another example can be when applying for a loan, someone may seek an attorney to help them understand the legal terms in the loan document for a fee they can afford.

This form of representation is relatively new, so some lawyers may not provide it. Also, a more traditional type of representation other than limited scope may be a better option depending on the case. It may be better for an attorney to be present throughout the entire process, instead of just parts of it. Although limited scope is fairly new, courts, judges, and lawyers are becoming familiar with it. Courts also approve of that type of representation, because they prefer people to have as much legal assistance for the protection of their rights as they can. If you are unsure whether limited scope representation is what you need or is even an option, discuss your case with a lawyer, like a family lawyer in Arlington, TX, and ask whether or not they provide that service.

Thanks to Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC for their insight into limited scope representation.