No Insurance

There are millions of people on the roads every day, and nobody wants to get into an accident while they are trying to go about their daily routine. To know that there may be people on the road who are not equipped to drive, may not be able to see, or are under the influence of some drug or alcohol is frightening. To make matters worse, even though motor vehicle accidents are unavoidable in most cases, some people are not insured. It is perfectly normal to expect damages to be covered should someone be at fault for a motor vehicle accident. Dealing with the injuries, the post-traumatic stress, and recovering is enough as it is. The least you would want to worry about is who is paying the bills. 

Regulations from State to State

Laws vary from state to state, however, most states require their drivers to at least have liability insurance in the event that something like this happens. If a driver caused a motor vehicle accident, it is expected that this liability coverage will assist regarding the victim’s financial burden due to the accident. When a driver is both at fault and without insurance, this creates a new set of problems for an innocent victim. It is understood that while it is required in most states, some people may not be able to cover the expense of liability insurance; there are sometimes still options for the victims in this case.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Just because the at-fault party does not have insurance doesn’t mean the victim does not have underinsured motorist coverage with their insurance policy. Insurance companies provide this coverage for events such as these so that the victim can still be covered. This coverage usually comes with just a small additional fee. In the event that you do not have this coverage, speak with an insurance agent about adding it before it is too late. This small additional coverage can save you an enormous headache in the long run, and also save you lots of money should it ever come to that. By not having this coverage, it is much harder to have your damages paid for, and you may end up losing much more simply because you are the victim.

Contact an Attorney

Should you or someone you know be involved in a motor vehicle accident with someone who was not insured, contact your insurance company to see if there is underinsured motorist coverage in your policy. Then, contact an auto accident attorney, like an auto accident attorney in Atlanta, GA, to see what options you have.

Thanks to the law office of Andrew R. Lynch for their insight into what to do if you are in a car accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance.