Police Brutality Lawyer

If you think your civil rights have been violated and you are injured or emotionally traumatized by a police officer’s actions, you may be in need of a top rated police brutality lawyer LA victims of police brutality have grown to trust. If someone you love has been hurt by an officer and/or their weapon- or if an immediate family member died because of a police officer’s unwarranted use of force, you may be entitled to compensation.

Whether a person has actually done something wrong or not, police are not supposed to hurt people. Police are supposed to protect people to the best of their abilities- even the bad guys. When police are protecting innocent people whose safety and well-being are compromised because of another person’s actions, police have been trained that in very specific instances, they may have to use force against someone posing a threat to the public. A problem with this “legitimized violence” is that it has allowed for physical and emotional damage to many victims when they were subjected to the abuse of this power.

When someone is injured by a misuse of police force- or if someone has died because of this- it may be very helpful to contact an experienced police brutality lawyer LA media, the legal field, and police brutality victims have repeatedly lauded their successes, when fighting for victims’ justice.

History and LAPD Community Relationship

Historically, the police force in Los Angeles, has been caught being involved in many different highly questionable activities. From the chief of police, to different department and task squads, to individual police men and women- there are many and varied instances where there has been evidence of police misconduct and downright law breaking.

While anyone can be the victim of police brutality regardless of their age, abilities, socioeconomic level, race, gender or sexual orientation, religious or other membership affiliations, and/or education, it is more likely that someone living in a resource deprived neighborhood will have little to no access to resources that will allow them to fight back.

Fortunately, this has started to change and there is a successful police brutality lawyer LA friends and neighbors highly recommend.

Even though progress can seem slow when looking at the ongoing civil rights movement, if you think that you or someone you love has been a victim of police brutality- talking to a compassionate and knowledgeable police brutality lawyer LA victims have successfully fought for justice in the past, may start you on the path to the compensation you and your family deserve.

How Far Have We come?

Many people sat riveted to their t.v. sets in the early 1990s when a home video of four policemen beating a man and incapacitating him beyond the point of being able to defend himself- let alone fight back in a threatening way- was shown on the media during heavy coverage of the trial of Rodney King vs. the LAPD.

Many people living in Los Angeles had no knowledge of the many unpublicized incidents of LAPD’s unwarranted brutality towards citizens of Los Angeles. The city broke out in riots when the accused policemen were acquitted. For many citizens, the prosecution had presented a clear and pronounced case of unwarranted police brutality. The officers were later tried in federal court where individuals were found guilty of differing charges.

Many people who had had faith in the U.S. Constitution and our legal system prior to the Rodney King trial, were overwhelmed and disillusioned with them when the verdict was announced.

Even though it is sad that there is still a great need to continue fighting for civil rights in Los Angeles, it may be of comfort to know that you do not have to do it alone. Getting a reputable police brutality lawyer LA victims have been thankful to have on their side, may start you on the path to getting the compensation you feel that you and your family deserve.