Police Reports in MVA

car accident lawyerIt is imperative that you get in touch with law enforcement as soon as possible if you or someone that you love gets into a motor vehicle accident. Law enforcement will take not of every single thing that has happened with the information that you, the opposing party, or any witnesses give them as soon as they arrive to the scene in which the motor vehicle accident took place. They can file a police report with all of the information that they have received. The police report can potentially be a pivotal part to determine if you or someone that you love can seek a personal injury claim. The police report can even help insurance companies and attorneys to find out who was the most careless in the motor vehicle accident. 

The police report will definitely assist you with a claim and it does not matter if you or the passenger was the person that was injured or was the reason there was an accident in the first place. As soon as a person makes a claim, then it allows the insurance company to receive a report and immediately go forward with an investigation. Think of the police report as the icing on the cake. It is the icing on the cake because the police or any other type of law enforcement that showed up to the scene of the motor vehicle accident will have a fair investigation about what the accident that occurred and the probable cause for what happened. There is an extremely high chance that they correctly find out who did what from the information that was given to them. 

In the police report, it will consist of the date in which the accident took place, the time the police received a phone call about the accident, a prediction about what actually happened during the accident, where the accident took place, all the people and witnesses that were a part of the accident, a way to contact the owners and drivers, information for insurance, the people that were in the passenger seats, the type of weather, the conditions of the road, any damage that was done to property, the type of vehicles that were involved, and the year in which the model came out. Contacting police is very important no matter how minor you believe the motor vehicle accident is, otherwise if things take a turn for the worse you could end up needing a criminal lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group, for legal guidance. The details the law enforcement provide can make all of the difference in the outcome of your case.