4 Reasons You Should Hire a Surrogacy Lawyer

Surrogacy is an increasingly popular way for people to expand their families. While you may want to consider hiring an advocate to help you through the process, you will certainly want to hire a surrogacy lawyer to provide you with counsel. Regardless of whether you are the intended parents or the potential surrogate mother, hiring a lawyer will ensure your rights are protected. Here are four reasons you should hire a surrogacy lawyer. 

1. They will explain the laws and regulations surrounding surrogacy in Nevada. 

Nevada has some of the more specific surrogacy laws in the country, which makes the process easier to navigate than in other states. However, a lawyer is still essential to ensuring that you are following the law and don’t end up in legal trouble. A lawyer will be able to answer all of your questions regarding surrogacy and provide counsel as to how to proceed throughout the process. 

2. They will protect your interests as you navigate the surrogacy process.

Intended parents sometimes find surrogate mothers through an agency or they may know them personally. Regardless of whether you know the other party, it is important that a lawyer represent your interests in case something goes awry during or following the pregnancy. A lawyer will provide you with an unbiased assessment of your risk and what you might be accountable for. If complications arise, having a lawyer assist you and protect your interests will be central to protecting your rights. 

3. They will represent your interests when developing the surrogacy contract.

Before any medical procedures can begin, both parties will need to sign a surrogacy contract. Surrogacy contracts are expansive and cover the entire surrogacy process. This includes surrogate compensation, responsibilities for both the surrogate mother and intended parents, what will happen in the case that medical complications arise, conditions surrounding of termination of the pregnancy or agreement, and what each party is liable for in addition to other things. To guarantee that the best interests of everyone are best served, each party will need to be represented by their lawyer while developing the contract. 

4. If you are a parent, they will establish your rights early in the process. 

Parents of the child-to-be will want to ensure that they have custody once the baby is born. The earlier custody is established the better in case of complications during the pregnancy. Parents  will need a pre-birth parentage order. A surrogacy lawyer will know the legal steps to take to establish your parental rights. 

Whether you are thinking of becoming a surrogate mother or are interested in exploring surrogacy as an option for expanding your family, an experienced surrogacy lawyer is critical. A professional surrogacy lawyer can answer all your questions surrounding surrogacy and advocate for your best interests throughout the process.