Social Security: How it Works, Applications and Advice

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There may be no other moment in someone’s life, quite like the one where he or she is approved for social security in retirement years. This may result in a huge sigh of relief, as not all applications for this benefit program are approved. There is always a chance that a person’s social security application may be denied. This can be devastating news, as perhaps someone needs this financial support in order to completely retire. Sometimes seeking advice from a lawyer is the next best step.

Those who want insight on how to make their application as strong as possible, can rely on a lawyer for assistance. They can take a look at your paperwork to see if any corrections or improvements can be made before sending it in. They understand that is may be a period in your life that you have waiting a very long time to experience. 

How Social Security Works

Social security was established in 1935, and expanded to include most of those in today’s workforce. This program was created with the intention that each employee can receive the financial support he or she needs in the event of retirement or disability. 

The Time to Collect on Social Security

The majority of people can apply for social security benefits as early as 62, to as late as 70. The true retirement age is between 65-67, depending on the year they were born. Someone who wants to collect at 62, may not receive 100% of the benefits allotted to them. However, if a person is in need and cannot wait a few years, this may be the most viable option. Those who can wait and don’t need the payments right away, can grow their benefits by 8% every single year until the age of 70. If you are unsure when is the best time for you to collect social security, a lawyer can meet with you and advise further. 

The Reasons for a Denial

If you are already receiving social security benefits for disability, your application for retirement benefits may be denied. Disability and retirement benefits work in a similar way, so having both is unlikely. If you feel you have been wrongfully denied these benefits, please contact a lawyer right away so they can help you figure out what is going on. Other reasons why your application may be denied can include: 

  • You have not yet earned enough working credits to collect social security
  • The application you sent in had missing fields and/or errors
  • You filed too early for consideration 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to a social security disability lawyer in Hillsville, Carroll County, VA today for a consultation with a lawyer. They want to do what they can to see that you relish your retirement years without worry about how you will pay the bills. After so many years of contribution in America’s workforce, you deserve it. 

Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into social security and how the process of receiving benefits works.