Speeding Ticket Driving You Nuts?

If you just received a speeding ticket, you probably feel pretty frustrated. Besides having to pay a hefty fine, you may also see your car insurance rates increase. That’s why you might not want to plead guilty right away. If you take the time explore all your legal options, you may be able to reduce your fine and keep the infraction off your driving record.

Why Speeding Tickets Are So Expensive

A speeding ticket may cost just $25 initially, but do not be surprised if it goes up by $100 or more by the time you are done with court. Lawmakers can slap on several different court fees, state surcharges, and extra fees to help fund local and state programs. All of these added fees can make it difficult for responsible citizens to pay speeding ticket fines.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help

It is possible to fight a speeding ticket on your own, but you could achieve favorable results if you work with an experienced traffic attorney. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a skilled  lawyer:


  • Valuable Advice: A reputable traffic attorney has likely dealt with many cases similar to yours in the past and may provide you with great advice. He or she may evaluate your unique situation and advise you on how to proceed. If this is your first speeding ticket and you have an otherwise clean driving record, a traffic lawyer may advise you to fight the ticket.


  • Negotiate: A traffic lawyer may also offer his or her superb negotiating skills. He or she may have relationships with the judge and other court personnel and be able to negotiate a lower fine or penalties for your speeding ticket.


  • Representation in Court: Walking into a court room all by yourself can be quite intimidating. You may get nervous and say something that could jeopardize your case. An experienced lawyer may prepare you for court and coach you on what you should say. He or she may come up with a good defense that may influence the judge’s decision.

Do not wait to hire an experienced traffic lawyer to take your case. The sooner you do, the sooner you can put this mess behind you. Many traffic lawyers do not charge a fee for the initial consultation, so you do not have anything to lose by just talking to one. Remember — one speeding ticket doesn’t have to impact the rest of your life! Contact a local attorney now for more information about fighting speeding tickets and other traffic infractions.