The Challenge of Paying Medical Bills After a Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

How long has it been since your accident? Are your medical bills piling up? If you are under a lot of pressure to pay for treatment, but you just don’t see a viable way of doing it, then consider the following seven options.

  1. Savings Account

Granted, not everyone has a savings account, and if they do, the amount may be nowhere near enough to make a dent in hospital costs. Still, if you have money stashed away for a rainy day, now is the time to use it. Also, consider you may recoup any losses with a lawsuit.

  1. Loved Ones

Do you have family or friends that are well off financially? Have you considered asking them for a loan? Many loved ones will be willing to help you get the treatments you need, especially if your future lawsuit looks promising.

  1. Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to use it temporarily to cover immediate needs. However, most insurers will want to know which expenses are because of the car accident, because they will look for repayment if you get a settlement or award.

  1. Auto Insurance

Check your auto coverage. Most policies come with personal injury protection. If your plan has a section for PIP coverage, then you can use that to cover some of your hospital and medical expenses.

  1. Medicare or Medicaid

The government policies, Medicare and Medicaid, will cover injuries sustained in a car accident. However, before you can use these policies, you need to use any existing PIP coverage. Once all the PIP funds have been used, the governmental policies will cover the rest.

  1. Conventional Loan

You can reach out to a bank or other lending institution for a personal loan to help cover some of your recovery costs. However, be careful with these loans because the interest rates may be higher than you’re used to.

  1. Attorney Liens

An attorney lien is essentially a guarantee from your attorney that a hospital will receive payment after a settlement or award in court. Most attorneys will work out such deals, especially for open-and-shut cases.; Talk to your attorney about the possibility of such an agreement if you need treatment.

While you may feel helpless after an accident, know that you have options. You also need to know that your car accident lawyer is there to help you through the entire process. Contact an attorney, like a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm, to discuss your claim.