The Legality Behind Dog Bites

Dog Bite Lawyer“Dogs are a man’s best friend” is one of the most known phrases of mankind. In most cases, this phrase is accurate for the people who have a dog and adore them. Dog owners can still run into trouble with their furry friend, though. Whenever a person decides to purchase a pet and bring it back to their residence, it becomes another family member. Pets usually show loyalty to and obey their owners, however, the pet may not give that same respect to friends or strangers. If you ever come across a situation where your pet causes physical injury to another individual, there is a possibility that you will find yourself in a legal and financial battle because you would be the person that would be held responsible for the actions of your pet. 

Why People Have Dogs
The reasons why a person may choose to have a pet dog vary. A lot of people may decide to get a dog just because they wanted a four-legged best friend. Some people still have the same pet from the household they grew up in. Others decide to get a pet dog for their own protection. 

Repercussions of a Dog Bite
There have been a numerous number of cases in which a dog responds to an individual by physically injuring them. If your pet did not have a good enough reason to attack an individual, there is a great chance that you will be held responsible for the financial stress that comes with your dog’s actions. You may endure financial stress from having to be responsible for the medical bill or a deduction of your income because of the injury that the individual had to endure because of your dog. There are different laws about dog injuries from state to state, so it is imperative that you understand the laws for dogs in the state in which you reside. 

Laws Revolving Dog Bites
There are normally three types of laws that will help you find out if you were responsible for the injuries that your pet dog caused for another individual.

  • One of the laws is known as strict liability. Strict liability means that you will be liable for any action that your dog chooses to make. 
  • There is another law known as “one bite,” which means that the first time that your pet bites an individual, then the reasoning will be looked upon. Any other bite that an individual has endured will result in you being responsible. 
  • The last law is known as negligence. The negligence law means that you were somehow inattentive. You might have actually had your pet dog on a leash while out in public and the leash that you have equipped on the dog was worn out. 

 If you or someone you know had a dog who bit someone, contact a lawyer, like a defense lawyer from The Lynch Law Group, to protect yourself today.