The Purpose Behind the Practice

I have been practicing law for 50 years. I have also been interested and involved in exploring the concept of reincarnation since my Mother first introduced me when I was in grade school to the concept as related in the book, The Search for Bridey Murphy, by Morey Berstein in 1956. I am now a certified hypnotherapist. For more than 20 years I have done past life regressions and I am Newton trained as a Life Between Life therapist. My doctoral dissertation in psychology was about the benefit of exploring past lives for present life understandings of phobias, fears, talents and negative emotions. My law practice has been in criminal, domestic relations, bankruptcy and other assorted practice areas that one finds in small rural communities. I bring to this blog a new perspective of what it is to represent people who are in self inflicted pain and suffering. My cases including murder to parking tickets. On any given day I am a witness to violence whether it is murder, rape, sexual abuse and neglect and abuse of minors or spouses and this has been my experience during my 50 years of practice. Several years ago after I obtained the release of a client after a successful post conviction representation she overdosed and died. I then became determined that I would obtain a Ph.D in psychology so that I could better help the people that I come in contact with and to further look for the answers of who we are, where do we come from, and where are we going. In short what is the meaning of life and why are they having the painful experiences that cause them so much suffering.

I am now influenced in my law practice by Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Donald Neal Walsh and Ramada Mahrishi. Through my experiences in working with my clients, the courts, law enforcement and those that are in great deal of suffering and confusion, I have come to the conclusion that human’s as a species can be violent and a primitive species and are now on a course of self destruction given the present world’s climate crises, the contamination of our air, water, earth and the food we consume and the persistent and never ending conflicts and wars. Today one person can push a bottom and kill millions. One only needs to search the internet to read that “about 1.64 billion people were killed by war (including deaths from famine and disease caused by war) throughout the history and prehistory of mankind.” Muehlenk, Roberto, author and legal adviser and amateur historian, How Many People Have Died In All Of The Human Wars February 2, 2017 (  The same unconsciousness an insanity that infects humans generally since before pre-history is the same unconsciousness and confusion that challenges us is also very evident in the lives of my clients. The insanity of violence is so pervasive and so common that society has accepted this state of consciousness or unconsciousness as normal. This is our challenge if we want to change the lives of our clients and make a lasting and deeper impact on how they view themselves and the world they live in. For example, I will have a discussion with a client who is in their second, third or even fourth relationship that is dysfunctional, abusive and conflicted. I have found that these clients are picking the same individuals to partner with because of their conditioning. They think that they are making choices, but they really are not because they search out and draw to themselves those that are familiar, even if they will bring them pain and turmoil in their life. They unconsciously prefer what they have grown use to instead of attempting to improve their lives by changing their consciousness. What can we collectively do about this unconsciousness that has infected the world and those that live on it? Individually we must change our own consciousness then we will be able to perhaps raise the consciousness of our client’s, even if it is a small amount. When enough individuals evolve then the whole society will slowly start to change and evolve into a kinder more gentle world where we love others and refuse to participate in violence in any form whether in sports or in what we watch on our tv’s and entertainment venues. Let us remember what the lawyer Mahatma Gandhi said: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him… We need not wait to see what others do.”

It is the day to day caring of those that seek our assistance, not only in their legal difficulties and challenges, but also in helping them to better understand why they are in the difficulties they find themselves in and how to change their life’s choices and patterns for the better. Perhaps they can see a glimmer of who they are, why they are here and a purpose in life. For me I have found a deep satisfaction in the practice of law. I am 76 years old and look forward to going to the office each day and meeting my fellow human beings who share this planet with me as we seek a more loving and kinder world.


Thank you to Wade Bettis, J.D., Ph.D., P.C., for his insight.