Things to Do Following an Uber Accident

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Ridesharing is the new normal in transportation. With so many people now depending on companies like Uber to get around, it is no wonder that accidents involving rideshare companies are going up. People may be confused about how to proceed after an Uber accident, but the process is like any other car crash.

  1. Call for Help

Immediately following the collision, contact the local police. If the crash was significant, then dial 911 for emergency assistance. If everyone appears OK, consider contacting the local police department directly.

  1. Assess Your Injuries

After you make the phone call to emergency responders, assess your injuries. Are you bleeding? Do you see any bruising? Can you move freely? Once you know you are alright, check on the condition of other passengers and the driver. Is everyone uninjured?

  1. Get to Safety

If everyone looks alright and can move, then move to safety. Do not stay next to your vehicle if it is in the middle of an intersection. If you can move your car somewhere safe, you should do so.

  1. Document The Scene

With everyone safe from further injury, you can begin documenting the scene. Take pictures and video footage of the accident site. Gather the contact information of the drivers and any willing witnesses. If possible, take photos of the other cars involved and document your own injuries.

  1. Call a Lawyer

When the day is over, contact an attorney. You may be able to collect money from the at-fault driver. However, the likelihood of settlement talks depends on the severity of your injuries and available evidence.

  1. Determine Liability

The police and other investigators can help you determine who is at fault for the accident and your injuries. If you were a passenger in an Uber vehicle at the time of the collision, the company might be responsible. However, if an Uber driver without a passenger hits you, then the driver’s personal insurance may be liable.

  1. File a Claim

If there is enough evidence to determine fault, and if your injuries meet the required threshold for your state, you may be able to file a claim against the insurer of the at-fault party. However, speak with an attorney to determine the favorability of your position.

If you were involved in an accident with an Uber driver, or if the accident occurred when you were a passenger of a rideshare driver, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer to determine the strength of your claim.