Uber Car Accidents

Getting in the backseat of an Uber is a common way for people to travel. Ubers are readily available, convenient and efficient. In urban settings where few people drive themselves, accessing an Uber may even be a primary mode of transportation. The last thing anyone expects is to experience an accident while in the backseat of an Uber. Because of this, an accident may leave you with extensive injuries, and may even send you reeling in the aftermath. It’s only natural that you will have a number of questions for a car accident lawyer following such a situation. For more information about how a car accident lawyer can help you, contact an experienced legal professional in your area as soon as possible. 

Is pursuing an accident claim when Uber is involved more complicated than normal?

In some cases, yes, pursuing an accident that involved Uber can be more complex than the average case. This is because there can be a multitude of layers to the case. You will need to sort through the details surrounding the accident with the guidance of a lawyer to determine who should be held accountable for the accident. 

Who should I pursue an accident claim against in an Uber accident?

Uber accidents can occur in the same ways that they would in other car accidents. One significant difference are the range of components that may be involved. You may be contending with Uber or the Uber driver as a passenger of the Uber or driver of the vehicle that was hit. In the aftermath, you will be left to determine how to take action and who should be held accountable for the accident.  

What should I do if the driver who hit the Uber was at fault?

If another driver hit the Uber that you were in, and is found at fault, you have the ability to take action against the party responsible. Your lawyer can assist by helping you gathering evidence, valuing your claims and seeking damages. If you were a victim in an accident, gather as much evidence as possible. This should include medical documentation, police reports, photographs from the scene and witness information to name a few. Your lawyer will use this information to prove: duty of care, breach of duty of care, damages and causation. 

Why should I contact a car accident lawyer for help?

Facing any type of car accident can be challenging. The added layer of contending with Uber can be complex. You will be sorting through who is at fault and how best to move forward. As an accident victim, you will need to focus on your recovery. Working with a car accident lawyer can assist victim’s in managing and building a strong case against the responsible party. Not only can taking action with a lawyer’s help assist in the legal process, it can give you the ability to heal from your injuries. 

Uber accidents can leave victims confused over where to turn or how best to move forward. Because of this, it’s essential to at least access a professional for the guidance and support you need. For answers, and action, contact a trusted and tenacious auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA for help. 

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injuries and Uber car accidents.