What Can I Do When I Get in an Accident Caused by an Obstructed Sign?

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State and local governments employ maintenance crews to keep their roads safe. Maintenance workers replace the bulbs in traffic signals and repair or replace vandalized traffic signs.

Highway or road workers should regularly inspect stop signs and traffic signals to make sure they are visible. Tree branches and bushes can obstruct a driver’s view of a traffic sign. When maintenance workers see that foliage growth may soon cover a sign, they should cut it back.

Unfortunately, as various departments of government battle each other for funding, road maintenance may be neglected. When cities and counties reduce their budgets, they are less likely to inspect traffic signs and signals. Even if municipal workers notice the problem, they might schedule branch cutting as a low priority, allowing a dangerous situation to fester.

When a car accident is caused by an obstructed sign, the state or local government responsible for sign maintenance can often be held accountable. Injury victims should be aware of the steps they can take to protect their rights after an accident that is caused by a hidden traffic sign.

Get Medical Care After an Accident Caused by an Obstructed Sign

A driver who fails to see an obstructed stop sign or traffic signal is likely to cause an intersection accident. Drivers of both vehicles may suffer from a serious injury because a local government failed to assure the visibility of its traffic signs.

Seeking medical attention should be the first priority of any car accident victim. If paramedics come to the scene of the accident, they are in the best position to assess injuries. If they advise an ambulance ride to an emergency room, it is essential to follow their advice.

If emergency care is unnecessary, a prompt medical evaluation is still vital to recovery. Visit an urgent care facility or schedule an immediate appointment with your family physician. If you doctor isn’t available, find a doctor who can see you. Delayed treatment can delay recovery from accident injuries.

It is equally important to follow a doctor’s advice. If a doctor recommends an evaluation by a specialist, make and keep that appointment. If a doctor recommends physical therapy, attend every session. Too many accident victims stop going to physical therapy because the sessions are time consuming and the exercises are painful. They forget that short-term pain brings long-term gain. Injuries may cause years of nagging pain if they aren’t treated.

Preserve Evidence at the Scene of an Accident Caused by an Obstructed Sign

Proving the government’s liability requires evidence. The best evidence of an obstructed sign a picture of the sign. Take several pictures from several angles, but focus on the view of the driver who approaches the hidden sign.

If you don’t have a camera or a camera app, return to the scene to take pictures as soon as you can. You might also want a professional photographer to take pictures. Act quickly, because the government may decide to trim branches and clear the obstruction before you have a chance to photograph it.

Get Legal Advice Concerning an Accident Caused by an Obstructed Sign

Accident victims need to protect their rights. The best way to do that is to talk to a car accident lawyer soon after the accident.

Car crash victims lose their right to recover compensation after the statute of limitations expires. When the government is responsible for a crash, however, state law usually requires the victim to file a notice of claim. The deadline for filing a notice of claim may be very short — much shorter than the statute of limitations. Failing to file a notice of claim on time might make it impossible to recover compensation.

A car accident law firm may have additional advice about preserving evidence. Asking for advice promptly is key to protecting the victim’s right to make a successful claim for injury compensation.