What to Do After a Prescription Drug Doesn’t Work as Planned

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Prescription drugs are meant to help an individual recover from or deal with a particular illness or condition. If they don’t work as they should, or if they cause an unexpected reaction, it could have serious consequences for the individual. If you were hurt by taking a medication prescribed to you, the following are some steps you should take.

Take Notes and Gather Evidence

Write down the issues you’re dealing with so you can remember all the details when you speak with your doctor next. What types of issues did you start experiencing after taking the medication? Did the medication make your condition worse? Did your condition remain the same after taking your prescription?

Whether you suspect your case will end up in court, you may want evidence that will help you fight back against the responsible party. If the medication had any physical effects on your body, take pictures of those things. If you were taken to the emergency room after an adverse reaction to the prescription, keep a copy of the medical records from that incident.

Visit a Doctor

You may not want to visit the same doctor who prescribed your medication in the first place, as it could be a benefit to get a second opinion. Either way, you should visit a doctor. Explain the initial issue you were dealing with, show the doctor your prescription and explain what has happened since taking it. A new doctor may be able to explain some things about the drug and your health that the other doctor missed. Either doctor may recommend that you stop taking the prescription or that you take a separate medication to help with the issues you’re now dealing with.

Visit a Lawyer

With this new information in hand, you can visit a lawyer to discuss what to do next. Your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the doctor who prescribed the medication if it was the wrong medication or the wrong dose. If the doctor prescribed the medication correctly, but the pharmacist made a mistake in filling it, your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the pharmacist. There are various parties who could be at fault, including the nurse who put the order for the prescription into the computer.

Getting Your Case Started Today

Someone is responsible for your prescription medication causing more issues. Contact a lawyer today, like a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., to figure out where to start with your case.