When a Doctor Fails a Patient

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The medical profession is one of the most difficult to break into, and with good reason. The training and education required to medically care for others are rigorous, demanding, and not for the faint at heart. However, just because a doctor goes through all the proper training does not equal a perfect bedside record. In some cases, a doctor may make recommendations for treatment courses that either do not fit with what is best for the patient, or are outright wrong. Learn about some of the ways a doctor may fail a patient that may result in unfortunate consequences for both.

The Doctor Failed to Act

Doctors do not always get a diagnosis right. Sometimes a patient presents and explains their symptoms, but a doctor’s cursory exam does not support any particular diagnosis. In some cases, a patient is sent home with little or no directive on how to get better. This may turn out to cost the patient valuable time as some underlying conditions may not be obvious without proper testing and diagnostic procedures. Allowing an illness or condition to progress without treatment may be detrimental to the patient’s health.

The Doctor Failed to Explain

Medical procedures are complicated, and some doctors are better able to explain them than others. However, as part of the medical standard of care, a doctor must fully inform the patient about all the benefits and risks of any treatment or procedure. If this does not happen and the procedure results in a worsening of the condition or worse, a patient may feel like they did not consent since they did not feel informed.

The Doctor Failed to Follow Protocol

There is a standard that most medical professionals follow when it comes to treating conditions. If a doctor decides to deviate from that standard and treat it differently, it may cost a patient in the short and long run. Doctors may try experimental treatments, but with a patient’s full consent and understanding. Sometimes, not following the standard may make a condition worse and lead to the patient dealing with life-long effects.

Medical errors are so severe, mostly because they can lead to life-ending consequences. When a doctor does not prescribe to the standard of care and fails a patient, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be the only way for the patient to get financial compensation. Find a lawyer, like a medical malpractice lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm, to help determine the chances of a successful case.