If you are seeking out free legal information regarding a legal situation you’re facing, you may be able to find the information you need here on Hot Legal Tips. We offer free online legal information on a variety of legal issues. We aim to give you free legal information that provides you with better knowledge about your legal matter, and we also provide you with some tips on choosing an attorney to consult with about your case.

No matter what legal issue you are dealing with, you may find information about that particular topic here on Hot Legal Tips. Some of the common legal matters we cover that readers find helpful include:

Personal Injury

The results of being injured in an accident caused by another party’s negligence can wreak both financial and personal havoc on a victim. Whether you are seeking free legal information about a motor vehicle accident injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, or work accident injury, the information provided here may help you understand your legal options and figure out which types of damages you may be able to collect.


Being accused or charged with a crime can be devastating. Your entire future and reputation is at stake. The criminal justice system is a complex one to navigate on your own. It can be very beneficial to utilize a respected resource, like Hot Legal Tips, to gain a better understanding of how the system works and what steps to take.


Out of all the legal issues there are, the ones that deal with divorce and other family law issues are often the most overwhelming and prevalent. Not only are you dealing with the end of your marriage, but you may also have to come to an agreement about child custody, the family home, and other marital estate decisions. The free legal information we offer on our website may help you feel more secure in understanding how the divorce process works.

Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, there are legal issues that can arise and you may be unsure where to turn. Our Landlord & Tenant section offers legal advice for both – whether it is offering advice regarding homeowner liability, getting out of a lease, rental insurance, or real estate law changes.

Free Legal Information Online

In addition to specific legal topics and trending national legal issues, Hot Legal Tips also offers advice in basic topics such as choosing an attorney and how attorney fees work. We also have a section where you can send us a question to be answered on our FAQ page.

Dealing with legal matters can be confusing and finding free legal information online that is reputable and factual is not always easy. You can be confident that the legal advice we provide on our website is current, and we are available to answer questions you may have.

Of course, it never hurts to contact a lawyer and discuss your situation in person, either. If you aren’t sure what to do after searching for free legal information online, don’t hesitate to contact a local law firm for more information.