4 Reasons To Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

After receiving a traffic ticket, you’ll need to decide whether to pay it or fight it. If you genuinely committed the infraction and know you wouldn’t be able to win a case, you might want to just pay the ticket and move on. If there’s even a slight chance you could get the ticket dismissed, you might want to fight the ticket. The following are some reasons to hire an attorney to help you make that fight.

  1. To Save Time

Most likely, you don’t know what it takes to fight a traffic ticket. You might have to miss work, lose sleep, and take up time in your otherwise busy life because you will need to collect evidence to prove your innocence. For a lawyer, this is a full-time job. During the day when the lawyer is working, he or she will be doing all those things you would have to do in your spare time. If you did fight your own case, it might end up taking a lot longer.

  1. To Save Money

When you look at your attorney’s fees, you might wonder whether it is right to hire an attorney. When you look at the entire picture from beginning to end, it might make more sense to hire that attorney. For example, if an attorney charges a flat rate of $200 to fight a speeding ticket, but your ticket was only for $150, it might seem like you’d lose more to fight the ticket.

Taking a look at the larger picture, you might save yourself thousands of dollars in insurance premiums if you get that ticket off your record. If you have other infractions on your driving record already, it could be the difference between keeping and losing your driving privileges.

  1. To Gather Proper Evidence

A lawyer has the resources needed to gather evidence that will prove your case. If a traffic camera was what led to your ticket, the lawyer might find a glitch in the system. If you were ticketed for causing an accident, the lawyer might find a defect in your car or a third party who actually caused the accident. You may not personally know where to look for this type of evidence, but an experienced attorney does.

  1. To Achieve a Positive Outcome

If you’re hoping for the best possible outcome, you will probably want to hire a lawyer. Traffic tickets range from mild to severe, and an attorney might be able to get the ticket dismissed, lower the penalty for the ticket, or a wide range of other more positive outcomes.

Contacting Your Lawyer

If you recently received a traffic ticket and have decided that you might want to begin preparing to fight it in court. Reach out to a criminal defense lawyer from a law firm like Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols today to get the assistance and legal counsel that you might need.