5 Tips for Easing the Transition to a Nursing Home

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Making the big decision to move your parent to a nursing home was probably not an easy one and might have been a long time coming. For many families, it is the best choice for their elderly family member in light of the medical care they are promised as well as the opportunities for socializing. Not all nursing home facilities are of the same caliber, and some have proved to be negligent at best and requiring the need for a nursing home neglect lawyer. However, after performing due diligence in finding a nursing home that is right for your family member, the day will arrive when it’s time to take them to their new home. This can be an emotional day for everyone concerned. There are some things you can do in preparation for the big day to ease the difficulty. Here are five tips to help your loved one transition to a nursing home and make it easier on the family as well.

1.    After making your final choice for a nursing home, take your elder for a visit if they did not visit the facility during your selection process. This may set their mind at rest if they see other residents who seem happy there and are interacting with one another in the social areas. A visit before the big move also gives your parent the opportunity to meet the staff beforehand and feel welcomed in advance of living there.

2.    Begin packing your parent’s possessions as far in advance of possible, a little at a time. This way, they are less apt to see the abrupt change in their current surroundings, especially since they will not be able to bring all of their possessions with them to the nursing home. Set aside the items they use on a regular basis as well as those that have particular meaning to them and can be taken to the nursing home. If the act of packing is emotionally upsetting to you, other family members, or to your parent then consider hiring a moving company. Some moving companies offer packing as an added service.

3.    Hire a moving company to move your parent’s possessions. If there are not many boxes to take to the nursing home you can probably handle this yourself, but you may be focused on being attentive to your parent and their reactions.

4.    Of the items that are in your elder’s home and are of no interest or value to anyone but could be useful to someone else, the same moving company can take them to the local non-profit thrift store. They can also transport broken items or trash to the refuse station. This can save you time and energy when you may need to focus on your family.

5.    After your elder has moved out and there are empty spaces if not an empty house, consider hiring a cleaning person to clean it on your behalf. If you hire a moving company that offers this as a service, it will reduce the number of companies that you must coordinate with.