Before You Hit The Road For Your Next Trip, Look Over These Tips

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Construction zones can be dangerous in a lot of ways. When you have to drive through one, the odds of something happening are increased. Before you hit the road for your next trip, look over these tips. They just might save you from an unforeseen accident.

Be Hyperaware

You never know what you’ll encounter when driving through a construction zone, so you’ll need all your senses on full alert. Workers are only human, even if they do work near traffic every day. Watch for them stepping into the roadway or allowing their equipment to crowd into lanes of traffic.

Reduce Your Speed

With workers, equipment, impatient drivers and distracted drivers, there are a lot of moving parts. Traffic patterns are frequently changed when there is roadwork, so reducing your speed lets you notice signs, worker instruction and more. You are already paying attention, so slow down to make sure you have enough reaction time in case something or someone enters the roadway.

Obey the Warnings

Whether it is a sign or a flagged, take the warnings seriously. If a flagger stops you, but you don’t see anyone coming, that doesn’t mean you can simply go around him or her. They may be keeping the road clear for equipment. You don’t want to be on the losing end of a battle between your car and a massive earth mover.

Merge Carefully

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic merge, only to watch some yoyo come speeding down the lane that is closed to jam their way in at the front of the line? Nobody likes that guy. Besides being dangerous for the conditions, it’s inconsiderate and could cause another driver to have an accident.

Keep Your Distance

Now is the time to show off all your defensive driving techniques. Besides staying aware, slowing down and following instructions, remember to keep a safe distance between you, other cars and construction barriers. You don’t want to end up crashing into the car in front of you when the yoyo cuts in suddenly three vehicles ahead of you.


Most importantly, have patience. You can only control your reaction, not the construction. Listen to some relaxing music or take the time to practice your cleansing breathes.

Driving through construction zones can be frustrating and dangerous. If you have been involved in an accident in a construction zone, contact a car accident lawyer, to learn your rights.