Big Truck Accident Vs Normal Crash

Truck Accidents

You may have heard that an accident involving a big truck is much worse than an accident between two cars. Why is this? You probably have some idea, but there is actually a wide range of different reasons why big truck accidents are especially bad. This guide will go over these reasons.


The most significant difference between these kinds of accidents is also the most obvious. Big trucks have an enormous amount of mass. They also have an enormous amount of momentum because momentum and mass are directly linked. Many people do not quite grasp just how huge big trucks are. The typical car is about 3,000 pounds, while the typical big truck is 80,000 pounds, which is nearly 30 times heavier. If a big truck collides with a small car, nearly all of the damage is going to be done to the car. This makes these accidents incredibly dangerous. In fact, about 80% of multiple-vehicle accidents that result in death involve a big truck.


The sheer size of the truck is another factor to consider. While the mass accounts for the severity of the accident, the size can make it easier for an accident to occur. Trucks take up more of the road, which means their drivers need to be even more careful to avoid all other vehicles. Likewise, if a small car is driving alongside a large truck, the driver needs to give the truck as much space as possible.


Big trucks are completely different from small vehicles when it comes to liability. This does not worsen the crash itself, but it may make it more difficult to receive compensation for the accident. With a small car, the driver of the car is typically liable for causing an accident, but with big trucks, there are several parties that may be liable, including:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The owner of the truck
  • The manufacturer of the truck

In many cases, multiple of these parties are all partially at fault together. If it comes to a lawsuit, the victim of an accident may have to file multiple suits in order to be fully compensated. On top of that, trucking companies often employ many lawyers to protect themselves, which may make the case more difficult than it would otherwise be. If you ever end up in a crash with a big truck, the very first thing you should do is hire a lawyer, to make the process of compensation as smooth as possible.