Can I get increased child support payments?

It may be that circumstances have changed for you, and what made sense for child support payments at the time of your divorce is far less than you currently need. Do you have legal options? Yes, you do, and with the help of a child support lawyer you may be able to get an increase in what is paid to you every month by the other parent. Just as the other parent can request a reduction in payments, you can request an increase. However, you must present a solid argument to the court as to why your payments should be increased. Keep in mind that the other parent may not agree with you and will present their own argument as to why they should not have to increase the amount of their child support payments.


What follows is some general information about child support payment modifications that may be helpful to you. Feel free to contact our office to find out more.


You Have Experienced a Substantial Change in Your Circumstances

With the help of your child support lawyer, you will need to prove that since the time of the most recent child support order you have experienced an enormous change in your circumstances. You will also have to directly relate that to why you require additional financial support to support your child. Here are some common examples:


  •         Your child’s needs changed. This may be due to a medical condition, educational needs, or there has been a change in cost of living. You will likely have to include documentation as proof of the new circumstances.
  •         Your annual salary is substantially less than it was. Generally, this will have to be an amount in excess of 10%. If you took a voluntary pay reduction, that does not qualify. If this is only a temporary decrease, it may not be enough of an argument to receive additional child support from the other parent.
  •         You have recently lost your job. If you quit your job, that does not qualify. If you are likely to rejoin the workforce quickly, then the loss of your job may not justify an increase in child support payments.
  •         The parent who is paying you the child support has had a substantial increase in their salary. Generally, this will have to be an amount in excess of 10%. Your child support lawyer can confirm this after a review of your circumstances.

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