Car Accident FAQs You Should Know

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Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? If so, the following information may be helpful. Being involved in a car accident can be quite traumatic. If you are injured as a result, the whole experience can be overwhelming, not to mention extremely expensive. Most people trust in their insurance company to cover any losses that occurred as a result of the accident. What many do not realize is that you are likely entitled to so much more compensation than you are being offered.  

What is Compensation?

In the event that you are injured in a car accident and the other driver is at-fault, you are entitled to financial compensation for any damages to you and your vehicle. Some damages are fairly straightforward and can be calculated relatively easily, for example, medical bills, car repairs and lost wages. Others, such as pain and suffering are more complicated to determine. An experienced attorney who specializes in car accidents and personal injury is your best bet at getting a fair settlement. Below are common damages that you may pursue in your claim.

  • Medical bills- the most important thing to do after you are involved in a car accident is to take care of yourself. If you feel it is appropriate, you should go to the hospital in an ambulance from the scene of the accident. In seeking immediate medical care, you will likely shorten your recovery time. In addition, many insurance companies will question the validity of an injury claim if they see a delay in treatment. Regardless of when you seek treatment, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills. It is imperative that you seek an appropriate amount that will cover all of your expenses, such as ambulance charges, doctor and therapy appointments (including surgery if necessary), x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, pain medication and first aid supplies (i.e., ice packs, band aids, crutches, gauze, etc.).  
  • Property damage- you may be entitled to compensation for any property damage to your vehicle. Typical protocol for most insurance companies is to send out a claims adjustor to evaluate your vehicle and determine whether it is a total loss or if it can be repaired.  
  • Lost wages- this will include any missed work as a result of the accident, including doctor and therapy appointments and court dates.
  • Pain and suffering- this is a legal term for the physical and mental stress of being injured in an accident. Since pain and suffering refers to the psychological stress of the experience and resulting injuries, it is more difficult to calculate. Although some insurance companies rely on a formula to calculate the amount of pain and suffering one is experiencing, you know yourself best. For this reason, it is recommended you consult an attorney and determine how much your pain and suffering is really worth.

If you have suffered a car accident and are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice from an experienced auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts.



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