Car Accidents and Feeling Dizzy

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Car accidents can cause a host of medical issues, with some being more serious than others. You may feel dizzy after your car accident, and while it may be nothing, it could also be life-threatening. What should you do if you are dizzy after a car accident? In most cases, you should visit your physician to get it checked out.

Feeling Dizzy Immediately

Sometimes you’ll feel dizzy immediately following your car accident. Is it just because your car got knocked around and you’ll be ok in a minute, are you experiencing a concussion or have you sustained a traumatic brain injury? You won’t know until you have it checked out. Contact the authorities after your accident and allow a paramedic to evaluate you on the scene. If he or she feels you should see a doctor immediately, don’t hesitate to take a ride in the ambulance, just to be safe.

Feeling Dizzy Days Later

It’s possible your dizziness will not occur right after your accident. You could walk away from it feeling just fine, only to start feeling dizzy hours, days or weeks later. Concussions often present at a later time, so if you were recently in an accident, it’s possible you’re experiencing a concussion.

Some other symptoms could include headaches, vertigo, lower back pain, neck pain, difficulty concentrating and feeling light-headed. You don’t want to wait for more intense symptoms to visit a doctor. Any of these symptoms could be serious, so contact your doctor immediately, even if your car accident was two weeks ago.

Taking It Easy

If you have been examined by a doctor, and he or she feels the dizziness is nothing, you may want to take it easy anyway. There’s a possibility your issue will show up later, and there’s also the possibility you’ll create an issue out of something mild if you overexert yourself. If your doctor does diagnose you with a disease or condition due to the dizziness after your car accident, you should follow his or her orders on what to do, what not to do and how to care for yourself while you recover.

Contacting Your Lawyer

Medical bills can get up there after you’ve been injured in a car accident. Whether you’ve been feeling dizzy since the accident or were treated for a concussion on the scene, you deserve someone by your side to help you through the legal process of filing a claim. Contact a car accident attorney, like a car accident lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., today.