Checklist for Moving Across State Lines


Moving is a very big deal. Even if you think you have all the time in the world to plan, the day or week of the move will still seem hectic and stressful. The key is to try to anticipate what could go wrong — because it inevitably will — and equip yourself with a plan and oh yes, a list.


To-do lists become extremely important when you are planning to relocate. Moving to another state adds several more items to your list. In an effort to assist you, here are some details you do not want to forget to include on your ever-growing list.




  • Obtain copies of your family’s medical and dental records where possible. This takes some notice for your doctors so start early. Don’t forget specialists such as chiropractors, orthopaedic doctors, dermatologists, pediatricians, oral surgeons.
  • School records, which should include your children’s immunization records. If it does not, be sure to get those records from your doctor.
  • Don’t forget your furry friends veterinary records — this is essential if you are moving into an apartment or rental home.
  • Clearly mark the box with your personal records — or better yet, if you have room in your car, take that box with you.


Insurance and Legal Documents


  • Ask your financial advisor if they are licensed where you are moving. They may or may not be able to continue servicing your investments. If not, ask for a recommendation in your new state.
  • If you have a trust, contact your estate attorney to make sure the trust is set up to accommodate any moves. Specifically ask about property in your estate that is deeded in the state you are leaving. Discuss any changes that need to be made with any of the documents related to your estate plan or will.
  • Contact your automobile insurance company with the new address. They may or may not be able to continue to insure your vehicles — this is good to know in  advance so you can shop around rates in your new state.
  • Be sure to contact your life insurance carrier with a change of address.


Internet Accounts


  • Change your shipping address on any internet accounts. Remember to change the address on your credit cards or the shipping/billing information will not be correct and you will wonder why this is happening! Check and check again — you will be amazed at how many online accounts you have established.
  • Check with any autoship items and change the address.
  • Be sure to confirm that the email address you currently use will be valid at your new location. (Sometimes the internet provider that is linked to your TV is not offered everywhere).


Bank Accounts


  • In the event you need to change your bank accounts, make sure all your autopay or auto-withdrawal accounts are changed to the new bank.
  • Stop any automatic payments that stop when you move — mortgage payments, utilities, internet, local memberships
  • Set up the new account as soon as possible and order checks. Understand the money transfer protocol for both the new and old bank so the transfer is seamless.


This is just one of the many to-do lists you will inevitably be creating to make your move seem a little more organized. A moving company may provide you with a list of items to prepare your home and your belongings for the trip. Exhale and follow any advice from friends and professionals who have walked in your shoes.