Choosing Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

Finding a criminal defense attorney when you’re facing criminal charges is often a daunting task. You’re probably already worried about your future. Putting your trust in and paying for an attorney is a big decision. If you do some research and ask good questions, you’ll be able to find a lawyer who meets your needs.

What Type of Experience Does Your Attorney Have? 

First, look for a criminal defense lawyer. You want someone who knows the area of law that you’re facing. A DUI has different elements than a fraud charge. You may also want a lawyer who isn’t new to the law. With experience comes skill and knowledge that can help you get a better outcome. While you may be worrying about finances, you can’t only consider cost when hiring an attorney.

Does Your Attorney Know the Local Scene? 

Judges and prosecutors often have some leeway in how they handle cases. Some judges may be extra tough on DUIs. Some prosecutors may have their own procedures for plea bargains. A good criminal attorney who knows the local processes can be a great asset.   

What’s Your Lawyer’s Reputation? 

Read reviews about your lawyer. Look for newspaper articles that showcase the firm and the attitude about the lawyer. Contact the state bar association to get information about any disciplinary actions. Most attorneys may have good and bad reviews. Look for a balance to get a good picture. Your lawyer should be trusted overall, because he or she will be talking to the prosecutors about you and presenting your case to a jury, potentially. You want people to trust the lawyer.

How Does Your Lawyer Deal With You? 

Finally, you should be comfortable with your lawyer. You’re putting a lot of trust in this person. You need to be able to be honest and upfront with your attorney. If you can’t do that, you should move on. Your lawyer also needs to be able to talk to you in a plain way that you understand. You need information about the fees. You need to know what you can and can’t do while you’re waiting for your case to settle. Your lawyer should be someone you can work with. Your lawyer should be thinking about your overall situation, not just this crime.

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is important to your future. Make an appointment to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, like from the Law Office of Daniel Wright, who can help you find the best outcome for your situation.