Do Truckers Have Enough Training?

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On the road with big rigs can sometimes be nerve racking. After all, an accident with a truck can be devastating. If you were in an accident, then you may be wondering how competent the driver was. After all, if you were in a passenger vehicle, then the accident may have caused far more damage to you. Before you can figure out if a trucker is competent, it is important to ask yourself these common questions about truckers in general.

How Much Training Does a Trucker Need?

Drivers of big rigs are supposed to have adequate training to prevent accidents. Every trucker is supposed to attend several weeks of training just to meet the minimum requirements for a commercial driver’s license. To receive a license, you have to pass the written tests and eye exams. Then, there are several different CDL endorsements that a trucker needs to have. These are special certifications that may apply to passenger transport or hazardous materials.

Unfortunately, even with the schooling, accidents still happen. The training is supposed to create competent truckers and then those who have experience are probably more competent on the road. The problem with trucking accidents is that many of them are caused by fatigue or distracted driving, rather than a lack of training. In some cases, however, lack of training may be an issue.

Can Truckers Cut Corners?

While it is required for truckers to attend courses in order to become a trucker and to receive their commercial license, this doesn’t mean that schools never cut corners. In the transport industry, speed is everything. This means that truckers are often worked harder and encouraged to hit their goal faster and when it comes to training school, truckers are encouraged to finish as quickly as possible. There are even cases of schools that will falsify documents so that the student can finish his or her training early.

There are a lot of different factors in truck accidents. When it comes to competence, truckers do undergo training and many have years of experience behind them. This means that the majority of truckers are competent. However, if they did not receive adequate training or if they are being pushed too hard by the trucking company, then they may be more likely to get into a trucking accident. For more information about truck accidents, consult with a truck accident lawyer, like a truck accident lawyer in San Francisco, CA, today.



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