Do You Need a Lawyer for Immigration Marriage?

Immigration laws have changed a lot over the last decade mainly because of the political and social climate of the world. The laws have become strict and there are very few lucky people that manage to get the immigration status that they are looking for.

If a person wants to make sure that their immigration application is successful then they need to follow the procedure strictly and make no mistake at all. There are different visa options available for people seeking immigration. Choosing the most suitable option increases the chances of getting the application approved.

Marriage immigration is an option in case a foreign marry a local. If someone living outside the UK marries a person living in the UK then the spouse can apply to enter the country on a marriage visa. It is a legal method for getting the visa.

To obtain the visa the applicant needs to meet the eligibility criteria. The laws can be confusing and it is possible that you do not understand the jargon that is used and the immigration solicitors Manchester can help in understanding the law and completing the process without any hiccup.

Here are a few reasons for hiring proper legal counsel for immigration marriage.

Understanding eligibility requirements for marriage immigration:

The solicitors are well aware of the laws and regulations regarding immigration marriage.  To get familiar with the process here are a few eligibility requirements and conditions that you need to know.

1.    For the success of the application, it is important that the people looking for marriage immigration have physically met each other.

2.    The couple needs to be legally married and convince the authorities that they have the intention of permanently living together in the UK.

3.    The sponsor also needs to make sure that he or she can satisfy the financial requirements that are mentioned in the immigration rules. A sponsor has to prove that he or she can bear the expenses of living in the UK. The state needs to know that you are not going to be a burden on them and have the capability to lead a comfortable life.

4.    The financial requirements change if you have refugee status or are living in the UK under humanitarian protection. If your status comes under these categories then you are most likely going to be exempt from the financial requirements. A lawyer can help you in identifying and understanding the exemptions that you may be eligible for.

5.    The couple seeking immigration marriage will have to prove that their relationship is genuine and true and is not just for the show and to get the green card.

6.    The applicant will also need to meet the requirement of the English language.

A lawyer can guide in detail regarding the eligibility criteria and make sure that you are prepared.

Handling paperwork:

The nature of the visa requires a lot of paperwork and there are many documents that you will need for the processing of the application. The solicitor can help in making sure that you have all the right documents and the paperwork is in place so that you the application do not get rejected on small legality.

Most of the documents that the applicants are required to produce are the ones that can prove that the marriage is not a sham. Proving the authenticity of the marriage is crucial for the success of the application.

You will need to provide information that identifies you like documents related to the financial situation, health, passports, etc. The lawyers can guide through the long and complicated process and assist in collating all the documents.


The immigration marriage is not a simple process and by hiring a good solicitor you can increase the chances of acceptance of the application.