Facing Abuse at Nursing Home

What to do When Facing Abuse at Nursing Home

It is an unfortunate reality that some nursing home residents have had to face abuse in their time at nursing homes. Most nursing homes are safe and nurturing places for residents who are in need of some extra assistance on a day-to-day basis. They offer care to those who have memory problems, mobility issues and some who are just slowing down and need an organization to keep them structured. Some residents though have unfortunately had to face some different types of abuses during their times of residence. Let’s find out some more about some of the abuse to watch for.

Verbal Abuse

This form of abuse could be happening if a staff member or member of management verbally assaults you or your loved one. It could come from forceful language resulting in an action that leads to emotional trauma or mental stress issues. Nobody likes to be yelled at, especially those who are seeking help for the needs that they are paying to have met. Evidence of verbal abuse could be seen in an emotional or mood change of your loved one. Always listen to what they have to say about what goes on at the nursing home on a daily basis. 

Physical Abuse

While physical abuse is not all that common in a nursing home, it is something that can and has occurred. Evidence of this could be seen by physical wounds on your loved one ranging from cuts to bruises. Physical neglect is another thing to watch out for when residents are sometimes left in their beds for too long resulting in bed sores. If the nursing home and your loved one have an agreement to try and have them get some exercise after a prolonged time in bed, make sure that they are actually giving them that exercise time. If they are not, then this could be a form of physical neglect or abuse.

Legal Representatives Can Help

Not everyone enjoys getting involved with lawyers, but they certainly have been a big help for many nursing home abuse cases in the past and will continue to help in the future. If you or your loved one have been affected by nursing home abuse, then it may be time to seek out an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer who can listen to your possible case and assist you in the process.