Frequently Asked Questions About Alimony

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Attorneys know that one of the most difficult times in a person’s life can be divorce. In some cases, this can tear a family apart physically, emotionally, and financially. However, when it comes to getting alimony during and after your divorce, this is not something you want to attempt to pursue on your own. Instead, with the help of attorneys, they can determine what kind of financial support is appropriate for your soon-to-be ex-spouse and the best way to request this, as a family lawyer, such as from Daniel J. Wright, can explain. Finances during a divorce can become increasingly tricky, but with a lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your request will be completed in a timely manner. For more information, please reach out to a law office today and read below for more information on alimony.

What is alimony?

Alimony is not a required part of any divorce. It is a means of financial support from one ex-spouse to the other after the marriage has legally come to an end. In some cases, you might hear alimony called “spousal support.” It is also possible that a judge can grant you temporary alimony. This process takes place when the judge grants alimony during the process of divorce (not after) to help one of the spouses out financially before the divorce is final. Once the divorce is legally over and a judge awards alimony, it could be higher or lower than the alimony amount during the temporary period. It is important to note that just because a judge awards temporary alimony during the divorce proceedings does not mean they are obligated to award it once the divorce is finalized.

Is alimony the same as separate maintenance?

Separate maintenance is not the same as alimony, and it is a type of financial support that one spouse pays to the other while they are still legally married. This transaction typically occurs because the spouse with money refuses to pay the other spouse any type of support and a court must step in. The spouse receiving separate maintenance must be in genuine need of the support, though.

How can I receive alimony?

We can help you determine if there is a reason to request alimony support. If this is the case, we ask for this during the divorce proceedings. There are typically two ways to go about getting alimony:

  • You and your spouse come to an agreement outside of court on what a reasonable amount of alimony support is and a judge can then insert that agreement into your divorce paperwork.
  • You and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on alimony and a judge decides if you should receive alimony and how much you would get.

Can I ask for alimony after the divorce?

If you decide that you want alimony after your marriage is legally over, there are special circumstances where a court may reopen your request for alimony. 

Help During Your Divorce and Alimony Request

Divorce is a difficult time for anyone, but with the help of one of an attorney, they can represent you and make a request to get you the alimony you deserve. For more information, reach out to a law office today.