Get Help After a Domestic Violence Accusation


Whether a person has committed a crime or not, someone accusing them of a crime is terrifying. If you are innocent, what if you somehow still end up in jail? Because there is always a chance that this could happen, one of the best things you can do immediately after being accused of a crime, especially a crime like domestic violence, is to reach out to a lawyer who can walk you through your charges and help you with your defense. While you may believe that one of the best things you can do is reach out to the person who is falsely accusing you, this is not the case and may even make things worse for you. Not only could it look like you are being aggressive, but it could also look like you are threatening them to get them to drop the charges. 


What should you avoid doing after these kinds of charges? 

There are a few things a lawyer, like a domestic violence lawyer from a law firm like the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright recommends you do not do after someone has accused you of domestic violence. 

  • Speaking out about your accusations. You may be tempted to tell your friends, family, and followers on social media what is going on and assure everyone that these accusations are not true. While anyone would want to make sure people know it is not true, it is best to speak with only a limited number of people you can trust during this time. Anything you say on social media can be found and used against you if and when you go to court. 
  • Choosing to waive your right to remain silent. As noted above, it is perfectly reasonable to want to tell anybody—especially police officers—that you are not guilty of what you are being accused of. However, the most important thing you can do when you are speaking with police officers is to be respectful and tell them that you would like your attorney present for any questioning. Remember, you do have the right to remain silent and it does not make you look guilty to wait for your lawyer to come to represent you. 


Being accused of domestic violence can change your whole life. Don’t leave your life up to chance when this happens. Find a local law office you can rely on during this time to help you with your domestic violence charges.