Hit and Runs are a Huge Problem in Florida

After analyzing data pertaining to car accidents in Florida last year, the Florida Highway Patrol saw a trend so concerning they held an entire press conference about it. Hit and run accidents in Florida are on the rise, and they have been for several years. When these accidents occur, people are left in the street with severe injuries and tragically, some pass away from those injuries. 

During the press conference, state troopers said that in 2018 alone there were 101,000 traffic accidents that involved hit and run drivers. While that number is high, it is still in line with previous years. Over the past three years, Florida has seen more than 300,000 hit and run accidents. Of the hit and run accidents that occurred in 2018, 198 of them were fatal, and 1,100 of them caused serious bodily injury to those hit. 

“Hit and run accidents are some of the most difficult cases to pursue,” says Darryl B. Kogan of Kogan & DiSalvo Personal Injury Law. “Without knowing who was responsible for the crash, holding them liable is extremely challenging. That does not mean that it cannot be done, though. Accident victims should understand that and speak to an attorney that can help.” 

Law enforcement also wants accident victims to understand they are doing everything they can to hold hit and run drivers responsible for their actions. After seeing the increasing amounts of hit and run accidents, the Florida Highway Patrol created an investigator position specifically to deal with these accidents. Some perpetrators have been identified and are still being looked for, while others have already been placed behind bars. 

Clearly, all drivers around Florida must be particularly vigilant on the road, as the number of hit and run accidents continues to climb.