How a PR Firm Can Benefit a Law Firm

PR public relations is the management of the delivery of information between a person or company and the public.It seems simple enough but it is not. Every industry has its unique PR challenges. If you are in the legal field, this is especially true. Learn how a public relations firm can help your legal firm avoid common pitfalls and position itself as an industry leader.

PR is not advertising. It is unpaid positive publicity communicated through third-party sources,e.g, magazines, newspapers, blog posts, television, radio, etc. and focuses on credibility.

  1. Tell them your story

Who is the founder of your law firm and why did he start it? Your firm’s history is critical to its success. Clients identify with you so embrace this opportunity to connect with your target audience. Enlist the expertise of a PR professional who can craft a well-written story.

  1. Establish business objectives

What do you and the members of your law firm want to accomplish?

This is s pivotal question that will lead to the establishment of short and long-term goals. Your mission statement and goals focused on client and community service, revenue and growth will help the PR firm define your brand and create targeted messages.

  1. Develop a targeted strategy

No two law firms are exactly alike even if they practice in the same specialty. So whether it is crisis communications, reputation management, community relations or a host of other brand-enhancing services, a PR firm  trusts can work with you to craft a customized, results-oriented campaign that will make you stand out in the crowd of legal professionals.

  1. Capitalize on relationship with media

Establishing your law firm’s credibility requires exposure. But being featured as a guest on a local or national talk radio or television program does not happen magically. The expertise of a PR pro is needed. Interacting with key media and social influencers is the domain of former a skilled journalists who know what the media wants and how to give it to them.

  1. Master social media

According to, 182 million worldwide visitors used Linkedin in 2014. Additionally, “As more and more people create profiles…lawyers have an unprecedented opportunity to connect online…” See

We know social media management and can assist with all aspects of your digital brand especially social listening. Software such as Radian6 and Crimson Hexagon can reveal what people think about your product or service.

  1. Secure new clients

New business development or attracting new clients is central to all businesses. For a new law firm, referrals may have not been established yet so other methods are needed like mobile marketing, multimedia presentations and tools bolstering relationship marketing.

Sales and PR are similar. PR pros aren’t just fabulous writers but are also sales gurus who work with a marketing team to identify potential buyers (clients). So PR managers will create a logo and corporate image that will connect with your audience and generate brand awareness and contribute to sales.

  1. Consider the metrics

All PR agencies strive to document their value to their client. In July 2014, PR Week addressed the issue of communications and measurement or ROI. It said, “As digital becomes intrinsic to PR…measuring outcomes has become more urgent than ever.”

Measuring PR effectiveness means evaluating media quantity and quality of traditional and new methods e.g., cost per thousands, gross rating points and benchmarks to track changes in reach and awareness.

Knowledge and experience make a difference. If you are a new law firm and need to optimize your relationships with your clients, the community or key stakeholders, consider the services of a PR business.