How Can I Fight a Ticket?

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Traffic tickets can take a big toll on a person’s life. From the anxiety of getting a ticket in the first place, to actually paying the fine, then hoping your record and insurance isn’t impacted, there are several variables to think about. Perhaps this is your first time getting a traffic ticket. Or, you have gotten tickets before and know how hard it is to fight them on your own. By hiring a traffic ticket lawyer you may get the help you need for a traffic ticket dismissal. 

What are my chances of getting the ticket dismissed?

Many people don’t even try to get their ticket dismissed, instead they just pay the fine and move on with their lives. However, they may then experience an increase in their insurance premium and points added to their record. If you didn’t commit the violation or feel that the ticket wasn’t fair, then you should certainly fight it. However, it can be difficult to tell if what you did was actually wrong or not.

What if your supposed violation falls into a more gray area? Your traffic ticket lawyer can give you information about traffic laws and assess whether it is worth your time to fight the ticket. Sometimes, drivers may have not even violated the law, but it just appeared so to the officer. Your lawyer can help you fight for what is fair and just.

How can I get my ticket dismissed?

As your traffic ticket lawyer may tell you, there are a few ways that you can get your ticket dropped, even if you did commit a road violation. Your lawyer will examine the ticket and talk with you about how you can approach getting your ticket dismissed. Here are some of the more common reasons people seek a traffic ticket dismissal:

    • Incorrect information: The officer may not have taken down all of your personal information correctly. Look at your ticket to see if your name is missing a letter or there are other minor mistakes. Even a simple error may be grounds for ticket dismissal. 
    • Issues with equipment: If there is a way that you can show the equipment the officer used was faulty, then you may be able to get your ticket dismissed. For instance, maybe the officer was using a speedometer when they pulled you over, but, it is possible the tool wasn’t calibrated correctly or the officer wasn’t approved to use it at all. 
  • Taking a driving course: If your ticket is likely to cause a huge increase in your car insurance coverage costs or add points to your record, then taking a defensive driving course can show you are actively trying to amend the problem and be a better driver. 
  • The officer doesn’t attend court. If you show up to court to fight your ticket and the officer doesn’t attend, then your ticket is probably going to get dismissed since there isn’t anyone to state a case against you. 

If you have received a traffic ticket, or something more serious like a DUI, contact an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney from The Morales Law Firm, today.