How Can I Find a Good Divorce Lawyer?

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So you’ve called a few divorce lawyers and picked one who seemed friendly and able to help you. Every day husbands and wives who’ve decided to go separate ways do this; however, did you stop to ask yourself whether or not you picked the best one? Did you choose your attorney because they were the cheapest? Or, did someone promise you big things such as guarantees that you will get to keep the house or children? Have you actually thought about whether or not this is possible, especially when the lawyer may have not reviewed your case in full? Before you choose a lawyer because they are cheap or full of promises, you should take time to ensure you choose one for their experience, skill, knowledge, determination, and ability to defend your legal rights to their fullest. It’s a lot to think about, but by logically narrowing down your choices, you can feel confident in knowing you’ve chosen a great divorce lawyer, like a divorce lawyer in Arlington, TX

Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer Begins with the First Phone Call

When you call a divorce lawyer, you should make sure you get a consultation with the lawyer, rather than a secretary, paralegal, or law clerk. Not that these professionals are lacking in knowledge; however, just as you don’t want to see a nurse when you need a doctor, a lawyer is no different. Bear in mind that some firms have many divorce lawyers; therefore, the one you speak to on the phone might not necessarily be your lawyer. It is possible that a divorce lawyer will ask you to come to their firm to meet them in person. This is normal and something that you might expect from a good divorce lawyer. 

In Person Consultations Should Be with a Family Lawyer

If you do arrange for an in person consultation with a divorce lawyer and you meet with a lawyer, for example, who handles personal injury cases, you should question whether or not you are making the right choice in talking to them. Thankfully, the chances of this happening are small.  

The Information You Receive Should Be Straightforward and Honest

It can be frustrating to ask a divorce lawyer questions and receive only vague answers or statements like “I cannot really say over the phone”, or, “it depends.” It goes without saying that a divorce lawyer will need information about your case before certain answers can be provided; however, a good lawyer should be able to point you in the right direction. 

Discussing Child Support and Alimony

A divorce lawyer should be able to ask you about your income and that of your spouse, in addition to parenting time, to give you a ballpark range of alimony and child support you may receive. An exact number would not be possible; however, their general range should give you a better understanding of what you can expect moving forward. 

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