How is a Nursing Home Case Prepared?

How is a Nursing Home Case Prepared?

No one wants to learn that their loved one has suffered abuse while living in a nursing home. As a family member of the victim, you want to do everything in your power to hold the parties accountable and get justice for your loved one. Learn about the basics of each stage in the nursing home abuse claims process so you can know what to expect. 

  • Victim Statement

It is important to talk to your elderly loved one and get a detailed account of what they have experienced. Ask them about what they have witnessed or if they can point to specific individuals who have played a role in the abuse or neglect they suffered. Do not try to pressure them into recounting what occurred if they feel uncomfortable or have difficulty remembering particular events. It is fine if they are unable to provide more details, as a lawyer will try to fill in information during their investigation.

  • Initial Consultation

Before meeting with a top nursing home lawyer, like one from Brown Kiely LLP, you can prepare by making a list of questions for the lawyer to answer. Organizing which topics and concerns beforehand makes your first consultation much more productive, and allows the lawyer to better contextualize the case to develop specific approaches for their investigation. If you have any relevant documents or other pieces of evidence such as photos you are encouraged to bring those as well.

  • Discovery Process

The discovery process involves the collection of evidence and other pertinent information to the case. This includes gathering physical evidence, obtaining contact information, witness testimony, communication with involved parties, and general fact collection. Discovery usually takes place shortly after the consultation. Due to the numerous elements involved, this phase can take several months to complete.

  • Negotiation Process

Once all the facts and evidence have been gathered, a lawyer can start the negotiation process. This stage often culminates in a settlement, and a proper resolution is accepted by both parties. In rare cases where a settlement is not accepted, a case may go to court and a lawyer may represent their client during a trial. 

By hiring a skilled and aggressive lawyer who has the experience to provide you with excellent legal assistance, you can get through the process much more easily. Contact a nursing home lawyer to set up a consultation so they can provide you with urgent help.