How to Deal with the Aftermath of a Lyft Accident

Have you ever used a ride-sharing app like Lyft? Do you know what to do if you are involved in an accident while riding in the car? Do you know what to do if you collide with a Lyft driver? Despite the seemingly unique experience, a ride-sharing accident can be handled in much the same way as any accident, especially in the immediate aftermath.

  1. Assess Your Injuries

The primary concern after a collision is to assess your injuries. Look for bleeding, bruising, or signs of broken bones. Can you move freely, or are you pinned? Check on the wellbeing of the other passengers and drivers.

  1. Call Emergency Services

Once you are aware of your condition and that of the others involved in the collision, contact emergency services. If it is a true emergency dial 911, but if injuries appear minor, then contact the local police department directly.

  1. Move to Safety

Do not stay in the middle of the road if you do not have to. If everyone can get out of their vehicles and move to the side of the road or a median, do so. You do not want to risk further injury by exposing yourself to oncoming traffic.

  1. Document the Scene

If you have a phone capable of taking videos or pictures, then take some photos of the aftermath of the accident. Document damage to your vehicle. Collect evidence of your injuries by videotaping bruising or cuts. Finally, collect the names of all parties involved and the necessary contact information.

  1. Talk to the Police

When emergency services arrive on the scene, answer their questions. However, do not allow yourself to get heated by other people’s accounts of the incident. Tell your side of the story.

  1. Contact an Attorney

If you were not at fault for the accident, then you may want to contact an attorney to discuss a potential lawsuit. You can sue the liable party’s insurance to recover some of your losses.

  1. File a Claim

Before you can enter settlement negotiations or bring your case before a judge, you need to file a claim. You will present your side of the case to the defense, and they will tell their side.Whether you are involved in a Lyft accident or a regular car crash, the immediate aftermath plays out pretty much the same. Contact an attorney, like a car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ from Yearin Law Office, to discuss the merits of your case and the chances of success.