Important Traits Every Wrongful Death Attorney Should Have

It may not cross your mind to hire an attorney for a wrongful death lawsuit. However, if you find yourself in need of legal help, it will be helpful to have the support of someone who can carry you through a difficult time. This can be especially true if a loved one has died because of the carelessness or deliberate actions of another party. Such an incident will not only affect you emotionally, but it could have significant financial consequences. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer could help you pursue appropriate legal action and get the financial assistance you need. It’s important to find an attorney you can rely on, so make sure you look for these essential characteristics:


When it comes to filing a wrongful death suit, this isn’t the time to work with a novice lawyer. Look for attorneys in your area who have years or decades practicing in the field. Experienced attorneys are accustomed to handling all types of wrongful death suits, including those that involve medical malpractice, unsafe workplace conditions, car accidents, and criminal activities. A lawyer with a proven track record will understand every step of the legal process.


You need an advocate in your corner who will fight for your rights and wants the best outcome possible for you. Your lawyer should work tirelessly to not only hold the offending party accountable, but also to get you the monetary awards you deserve. The best wrongful death attorneys are thorough in exploring every financial area where you need help, including medical bills, funeral costs, loss of future inheritances, and pain and suffering.


Most lawyers will agree to free consultation. Here, the attorney can hear your concerns and complaints as you lay out the wrongful death situation. This discussion helps the attorney decide whether your case is valid. From this meeting, all the way through your case, your attorney should be open, honest, and upfront with you. Your legal counsel should never mislead you or give you a false sense of hope. You should be able to trust what your lawyer is telling you when it comes to the prospects of you winning the case. If the outlook is bleak, good lawyers divulge those sentiments. The best lawyers will not over-promise but will always over-deliver.

As you search for a wrongful death attorney, like a wrongful death attorney in Lakeland, FL, make sure the ones you consider have these qualities. Careful research and interviews will help you choose a professional you can feel comfortable with as you move forward with your case.

Thanks to David & Philpot, PL for their insight into some of the traits to look for when hiring a wrongful death attorney.