Is it Possible to Sue Uber?

Ridesharing is one of the most popular ways to get around cities without owning a car. Companies like Uber and Lyft are well known and have about 20 million users in the United States. Uber is the larger of the two, and employs 3.9 million drivers. There are a number of advantages to using a rideshare service like Uber; however, there are some downsides too. 

One of these is the possibility of being in an Uber accident. Since the beginning, Uber has had drivers on the road who caused an accident. The occupants of the Uber car suffered injuries, and some even lost their lives. In addition to vehicular collisions, there have been a large number of physical and sexual assaults, as well as kidnappings. Many of these were never posted in the media; thus, most people are not aware of these cases. Uber accident lawyers, like an auto accident attorney in Indianapolis, IN, know of many cases that should have been reported by the media, but were not. Regardless of this concern, lawyers have successfully helped Uber accident victims recover compensation. 

Getting into an Accident

When it comes to taking an Uber, you will never know who is behind the wheel. Your Uber driver could be having a bad day, be prone to a momentary lapse in reasoning, or could be in a hurry. Should one error be made, it could result in an accident. Once a collision occurs, the injured victims might ask themselves “Can I sue Uber?”

If you have been injured as an Uber passenger, you might believe you are certainly not at fault, and therefore should be able to sue Uber or the Uber driver. As an Uber accident lawyer might explain, both are possible, but complicated. As an injured passenger you might be wondering about your rights following an accident. Surley, you as a passenger cannot be at fault, right? 

Suing Uber as a Passenger 

All Uber passengers are covered by Uber’s own liability insurance coverage. This is a policy that is set at one million dollars. The Uber drivers’ insurance policy or any third party drivers may also cover your damages. A common problem that arises is when the Uber accident lawyer and defendant is trying to determine who was at fault and what the misconduct was. This is because whether you can sue Uber will depend on who was at fault, and what happened. This is not always easy; therefore, you should have a knowledgeable Uber accident lawyer on your side. 

Call an Attorney Today

A good lawyer will listen to what happened and help you to learn about your available legal rights and options. If you have a case, compensation for your medical care, property damage, pain, suffering, and lost wages, may be available. Call for a consultation with an Uber accident today to learn more. 

Thanks to Ward & Ward Law Firm for their insight into how to get compensation if you were in an Uber accident.